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HowTo use your Apple Watch even if you’re blind and one handed

Picture of an apple watch attached to an arm

This is my personal and professional tribute to Danays Bautista. An artist, Jazz Guitar player and singer who lost her sight in Cuba when she was just 10 and who lost her left arm in Madrid, Spain, in 2010 when she felt in the Metro track by accident.
She has always been very close to the foundation i set up, “Technology For LIFE” (FUNTESO) and she is also a very good friend of mine.
Right the other day I was showing her how nice Apple Watch is and I suddenly though she would be able to use it just with her nose  and lips.
So I started to try each and any gesture, including 2 fingers gestures, pressing and holding the buttons, pressing the digital crown and even rotating the digital crown with my nose and IT WAS POSSIBLE!
This video is the result of this research. Definitely IT IS POSSIBLE! I really hope Danays will go to an AppleStore in Miami, where she is living now, and make a nice video on how she is using the Apple Watch.
Although it is of course useful for her, just try to imagine the the wide range of ways to manage your Apple Watch even if you are not blind or one handed.
Just when you are running, driving your car, bicycle, or when you have your hand busy hanging bags or whatever.
Once again, Apple has made an amazing device with possibilities they probably never though about. 😉

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